Making technology unbelievably f#%&ing simple for educators.

New Year, New Me: Teacher Edition Challenge!

December 12-17

A 5-Day Challenge for teachers to take a hard look at their current working habits and set goals that will allow them to take back their time and energy so they can spend it doing the things that they love!

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Making technology unbelievably

f#*%ing simple for educators. 



On the Teaching from the Couch Podcast, we are exploring everything teacher from grading, to standards, to technology, to engagement! 

Check out the podcast and start making a difference in your classroom right away!


Learn From Me

Are you looking for a way to make your life easier while also trying to do all of the #teacherthings?

We were in the same boat and we are here to help you gain the confidence and knowledge needed to meet the challenges of a 21st-century classroom. 


Work With Me

 Are you a teacher entrepreneur? Are you doing something amazing to help teachers in their classrooms? 

Then I want to help you reach more people!

Whether you are a speaker at the Design Your Digital Classroom Summit, a guest on the podcast, or a blog contributor, we can work together to help as many teachers as possible!


Design Your Digital Classroom Summit Google Style 2022!

We had so much fun last year that we are doing it again! Join us August 8-12 for 5 days of learning-packed presentations all about using Google Tools, Apps, and Add-Ons in your classroom!

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Rebel Teacher Academy

STOP burning the candle at both ends just to keep up with the mountain of work it takes to keep your classroom running.

Break Free From The Shackles of Status Quo and Discover The Tools To Run Your Classroom withOUT Adding Stress, Time, and Energy to Your Day

The way things have always been done doesn’t work for us anymore. 

So we’re creating a better way to do things - 

and reaping all the benefits of “working smarter.”


Who is Emily

My first job teaching was at a hybrid school in Minnesota and I remember thinking to myself, "No one taught me how to teach online!" 

7 years later and I am still working at that school and I can't even imagine working anywhere else! ❤️ 

Now, I’ve taken my years of experience and turned it into an easy-to-follow system that any teacher can use to create a digital classroom that excites and engages their students and makes teaching fun again!


Student Success


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