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3 Reasons Why Online Learning is Awesome!

edtech growth mindset mindset online education online learning special education teacher life tech in the classroom Dec 29, 2020

1. Real World Skills

I know it seems like we are asking so much of students right now. ⁣

We have them navigating the technology and the systems, trying to stay responsible and accountable, not to mention learning the content!⁣

It is a lot to ask of them, but honestly, we are preparing them for the future right? And I think working from home is going to be much more commonplace in the future. At the very least the tech skills and accountability will help them in any profession they get. ⁣

What are some skills you see your students learning through this distance/online learning situation?⁣

2. Students can attend from anywhere or anytime they want!

One thing I love about online learning is that students can do it anywhere and anytime!⁣

That student with insomnia is actually getting work done now that they can do it in the middle of the night. ⁣

That homeless student can still show up to Zoom Class because they have their phone, no matter where they are living.⁣

I had a student who moved to Michigan at the very end of the school year last year and he was still able to finish with us because of online learning! ⁣

Plus, I can teach from just about anywhere too! What are some of the positive parts of online learning for you and your students? Let me know in the comments! ⁣

3. Some students actually do better with the anonymity of online learning. 

I have numerous students who have chosen the fully online classroom, even before the pandemic, and this is because they have something that holds them back from accessing school "normally."

Whether they have social anxiety, EBD, ADHD, or whatever, they feel better in their own homes, and who am I to say they can't learn from their homes?

I have one student who struggles with homelessness and a lot of other things going on and she has just struggled for years. 

This year, during the pandemic, I have seen her complete more work, show up to class more often, and even speak in class! 

That would be unthinkable this time last year! 

That is the power of online learning and why I think it is so awesome!