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An Online Teacher's Favorite Things List!

May 25, 2021
My favorite Things for my Online Classroom

If you want to learn more about why I think Online Learning is so awesome, check out the blog post here. 

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We have all seen the list of teacher favorites in the classroom, but online teachers have a whole different set of needs. Check out my top 10 online teacher essentials. 

A Great Water Bottle

Years ago I was an avid caffeine addict and I have since kicked that habit. I never want to go through that migraine-inducing withdrawal phase again, so I stick to just water. And I am a bit of a water bottle connoisseur. I personally think the metal ones work the best. The glass ones are obviously not great for a teacher on the go due to possible breakage. And the plastic ones have broken on me too from drops on the hard school floor.

I got my Hydro Peak water bottles with a Groupon (they are the Hydro Flask knockoff but are still just as amazing) 



A Wireless Mouse

Honestly, when I don’t have my wireless mouse, I feel like I am just less efficient and just lost! It makes a really big difference when compared to using the trackpad on the laptop. 


A Keyboard Cover

A student came into class one day with this awesome green ombre keyboard. I was super jealous and she told me it was a keyboard cover and I was like “WHAT!? Those Exist!?” I jumped on Amazing and got one within 5 minutes. (It was a study hall period that she was in so I wasn’t neglecting my class to buy a keyboard cover!) 

These are great because they keep any dust or crumbs out from under the keys of your keyboard. 


A Lapdesk with a Mousepad

Originally I bought this for my sister not realizing she had upgraded to a desktop computer, so she said she was okay with me keeping it.

And it's basically my favorite thing and I don’t remember a time before I had it! The mousepad is probably the best part so I am not trying to use the couch or the side of my leg as a mousepad! 


Bluelight Blocking Glasses

I have so many of these now! You can get super expensive, top-of-the-line ones, or other cheaper ones, but either way they are so helpful in preventing eye strain!


Headphones with a Microphone

I don’t know about you but I am working in a classroom that has students in it and trying to teach online with them talking in the background is hard. The headphones make it easier for me to hear them and the microphone helps them to hear me over the other noises in class. I love using my AirPods for this, but obviously, they are expensive so there are other, cheaper options in both wired and wireless. (Go for the wireless though. It is well worth it!)


Flair Pens

Because Duh! These are honestly the best things ever and I feel like every human should have a few. I just like all the colors so I can make things colorful and pretty to look at. I also color coordinate a lot of things so the variety helps with that. 


A Great Planner

This is like the eternal debate among teachers; which planner is best. And honestly, I don’t know the answer because it is whatever works best for you. I personally love Happy Planner! They have amazing graphics and layouts and a bazillion stickers and accessories. I also bought the Happy Planner hole punch so that I can create my own pages and add them to my planner for all sorts of things! 


Bonus: Stickers!!!!!

I remember when I was a kid at summer camp, we would cover our water bottles in cool camp stickers and trade stickers with other people who had been to other camps. Now, that trend is back! So get yourself a really awesome water bottle and deck it out with stickers! Also, these kinds of stickers help make awesome prizes for students and they get super excited about picking out the one they want!

I love teaching online and I know it just wouldn't be the same, or as easy, without these essential items! Check out all of my recommendations over on Amazon!