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Confessions of a Hot Mess Mama during quarantine!

mom life momming my life Jun 20, 2020

So this week, we decided to self-isolate and it seems like the best idea we could have made! We loaded up at Target and took the girls out of daycare, signed up for Disney+, and have settled in for our quarantine.

Between all the Zoom staff meetings and calls with students trying to get all their missing work in before the end of the quarter, it was a tad bit of a crazy time. I had all this going on while having my 2-year-old in a clingy phase and my 7- month old learning to crawl. Hubby has a bunch of projects to do around our house (he is a residential remodeler) as well, so he’d be off hammering and sawing away in the garage.

To keep me sane, we have resorted to a running rotation of Moana, Frozen, and Brave as well as Khan Academy kids and YouTube kids.

This is so not the parent I wanted to be, with all the screens and stuff, but I am not that kind of mom who comes up with awesome crafts and imaginative ways to use toilet paper rolls as a science experiment or something!

30 Insanely Adorable Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids - DIY & Crafts

This year I am really embracing what I call being a “Hot-Mess Mom.” (My mom hates it when I call myself this, but I think of it as a term of endearment)

We are rarely on time for things, but my girls are learning to put on their own shoes and jacket. I usually forget a snack or her sippy cup, but it’s because we were having such a fun conversation about the bear in our house and singing Wheels on the Bus!

Yes, I am watching swim lessons in sweatpants and a messy bun, but do you see her smile!

Yes, I am playing a color-by-numbers game on my phone during dance class, but this is my 30 minutes of peace where I am not around children (either mine or my students).

I know that I will never have a spotless house or look put together while racing around, but it is all good!

What I have learned this year is there is no wrong way to mom!

So, yes we are going to watch Brave for the billionth time! (Seriously, Penny and I had a fight about how I can not watch Brave again, but I totally lost) We are playing on the floor. Izzy is going to crawl all the way into the kitchen before I get up to bring her back.

During this time, give yourself grace, and do what you need to stay sane!