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The 3 Reasons You Need to Teach Your Students How to Use Zoom in 2022

classroom management digital citizenship digital literacy edtech mindset online education online learning tech in the classroom tech tips zoom Nov 23, 2021

Did you know that as of the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, more than 100,000 schools in 25 countries are using Zoom?1 and that number has to be increasing!2

Why is this important? So many schools are not only going to the online or hybrid format but are creating full programs around it and students may not be aware of how to use Zoom let alone use it to engage with what you are teaching them.

Number 1

They need to know the basics in order to use the program for learning and they need the time to learn and play with all the advanced stuff in order to show engagement and interact with you as the teacher. 

The #1 question I always get is about online learning and engagement. And honestly, my response is usually, "Have you taught them how you want them to engage during class?" 

We all have things we would like our students to do, but if we don't explicitly tell them to do it or make clear that that is the expectation, how can they know what you want them to do?

So say something like "If you have questions, put them in the chat" or "Give me a happy emoji if you understand and a sad one if you are struggling."

Number 2

Having their screens on is not the goal.

I know it would be super amazing and helpful, but think about all the reasons it might be off that have nothing to do with whether they are learning or not. So we need to think of, and teach them, other ways to show their engagement and learning.

This goes back to point number 1 about how they should be engaging, but beyond that, you need to teach them how. 

If they can't see the chat, show them where to click to bring it up. If they don't know how to use the emojis, explain where they are and how to access them and where they show up when they use them. Demonstrate, explain, and show them how.

Number 3

If they get the time to play with it and learn it that you have designated for them, they won’t be doing it during the lesson you are trying to teach! They can get it out of their system!

I do this all the time with our state standardized testing. We do the practice test and I tell the kids to click on everything and find all the cool gadgets and tools they have in the test for them to use. 

This way, they do all the playing and messing around when it won't impact them negatively. If they were to do that during actual testing time, they would waste valuable time just messing around. This way, it gets it out of their system.

So give it a try! Next time you teach with Zoom, start class by playing a game where they react with the emoji reactions. Give them an opinionated statement and have them react.

❤️ is they strongly agree.

😀 if they agree a little.

☹️ if they disagree a little.

🤮 if they disagree a lot.

Talk to them about how to find the reactions and where these ones are. And then have a ton of fun with it!

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