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What is a One Pager Project?

edtech in-person teaching online education online learning tech in the classroom Feb 21, 2023

A one pager project is an excellent way for students to show their knowledge and apply it in a creative and meaningful way. It requires students to take what they have learned and think critically about topics, while also allowing them to express their creativity. In this blog post, we'll explain what a one pager project is, how it works, and why your students will love it.

What Is a One Pager Project?

A one pager project is simply a single sheet of paper that contains all the important information related to a particular topic. The "pager" part of the name comes from the fact that this type of project can be done with just one page! Students often use their creative skills to make their pages visually appealing by using charts, drawings, photographs, or other graphics.

The content of the page generally includes facts about the topic, which are typically written down or presented through visuals like images or graphs. Depending on the specifics of the assignment, students may also include quotes from experts or other sources relevant to the topic at hand.


How Does It Work?

One pagers are easy for both teachers and students alike! For teachers, they're great because they don't take up too much time and they allow you to assess multiple learning objectives at once (such as researching information from reliable sources or comprehension of a text). As for students, they get to explore topics in an engaging and creative way. Plus, since only one page is needed for each assignment (hence the name!), there's no need for lengthy reports or presentations.


Why Your Students Will Love It?

Your students will love doing one pagers not just because they get to show off their creative side but also because they have plenty of freedom when it comes to choosing how they want to display their information. This type of project allows them to explore topics more deeply than if they were limited by traditional assignments like essays or book reports; plus, it gives them the chance to practice incorporating visuals into their work in fun ways!

One pager projects are an excellent way for middle school and high school students to show off their knowledge while expressing their creativity at the same time! They're also quick and straightforward assignments that give teachers an opportunity to assess multiple learning objectives at once. With so many advantages for both teachers and students alike, why wait any longer? Check out the One Pager projects I have for The Outsiders and Romeo and Juliet! And make one for your class today!