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New Year, New Me: Teacher Edition

A 5-Day Challenge for teachers to take a hard look at their current working habits and set goals that will allow them to take back their time and energy so they can spend it doing the things that they love!

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December 12 - 17

 This challenge is made for middle and high school teachers just like you who feel exhausted by all they do in order to be amazing teachers.

There will be 5 Daily Challenges that ask you to take a look at your current work/life balance and make goals about how you WANT it to look in the future.

The Challenge starts in...









Day 1: Taking Stock

During Day 1, we look at what we are already doing and what we have to work with

Day 2: What do you already do?

On Day 2, we take a look at all the things we do for our school outside of the actual teaching

Day 3: Working at Home

On Day 3, we are going to assess how much and what kinds of things we are working on in our free time

Day 4: Your Support System

Day 4 is all about looking at the people in our lives who can help and support us

Day 5: Put It All Together

Finally, on Day 5, we are going to create goals for ourselves based on the work we have done leading up to this point


As a bonus, you'll get a vision board template that is easy to make and put up where you can be inspired every day!

What You Get

  •  A Daily Video and Workbook for each topic we are covering - no fluff, no filler, just focused to-the-point questions and exercises
  •  A daily group challenge share where we can all share our progress and get feedback on the things we are working on
  • A BONUS Vision Board Template so that you can have a visual reminder of the live you are living into in 2023

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