Struggling to manage the influx of information you have to maintain and communicate every single day - from students, administrators, and parents?
Do you feel like you spend MORE time managing everything that comes along with being a teacher than actually… you know, TEACHING?

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You’re Not Just a Teacher. You’re a Manager of All Things Education.
We all know that running your classroom is… Well, it’s not easy.
There are policies and changes and benchmarks and all the things that you’ve got to do to keep the higher-ups happy…
Not to mention handling everything from parent concerns to IEPs to figuring out where the money for the supplies is going to come from.
Your day is 95% full before you can even spare a thought for your classroom of kids who are depending on you to show them how to operate in the world today… as well as pass the next scantron test that they’ve got to ace.
It can feel like more and more is piled on your plate every single day.
And you’re taking work home with you almost every night.
Is this what you signed up for when you started teaching? (me either.)
But it IS the reality that you’re facing, every single day.
And if you care (which we all know you do)... then it’s about making the best of it and still managing to live some semblance of life between September and June.
Luckily, there’s hope.
Technology can help us manage everything on our plates and keep it all together… but only if we know how to use the tools at our disposal the right way.
Here’s the thing: there ARE teachers that have rebelled against the idea that they’re so committed to their jobs they need a marriage license.
There are teachers who are embracing technology as a way to not only speak the language their students speak… but make their lives BETTER.
They’re automating processes and communication instead of sending yet another form letter home.
They’re creating forms instead of copying off a fill-in-the-blank with handwriting so bad they can’t decipher a single word.
They’re using digital tools to create, collect, and record assignments… instead of drowning in paperwork and living in the copy room.
And it’s possible for YOU to become one of these rebel teachers - who understands that just because their job is to help shape young minds… doesn’t mean their lives have to be 100% lived inside the walls of the school building.
That’s what this event is all about, and why I’m so excited to bring it back to you again this year.

Because it’s time to Design Your Digital Classroom so you can stop working so long to keep things in order and

Get back to your life… 
Spend more time teaching what matters… 
ENJOY your profession again…
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Each Expert Below Will Show You EXACTLY How To Use a FREE Google Tool To:
  • Automate your repeating tasks
  • Organize the deluge of information
  • Communicate with administration, parents AND students
  • Spend LESS time managing and MORE time teaching (so you can take a dang break now and then!)

Empowering Inclusion: Avoiding The Buzzword and Creating Your Unique, Truly Inclusive Space!

with Melinda Arnost

Exciting Their Sense of Adventure with Google Earth In Your Classroom

with Nagham Abdel Baki

How Google Apps Saves You Time, Frustration, and Energy

with Brianne Beebe

From Burnout to Balance: Creating Systems to Simplify with Technology

with Brittany Blackwell

Not Another Old Powerpoint: Creating Engaging Slide Decks With Adobe + Google

with Stef Bowker

Make This Sheet Look Easy: How to Teach (and learn!) Google Sheets... Even If Excel Stresses You Out

with Steve Buch

Using Free Google Apps to Collect, Store, and Organize Your Data

with Heather Cacioppo

Welltech: How to Use Technology to Improve Your Students’ Wellness (AND Your Own!)

with Helena Hains

Google Math: How You Can Use Google To Make Math Fun and Easy

with Anna Hines

Leveraging Your Own Free Google Site To Keep Your Students Engaged

with Kelly Hogan

The Student Edit: Put Away the Red Pen and Pull out the Highlighter!

with Jocelynn Hubbard

The Simple Habits To Tame Your Inbox (and Prevent The Email Overwhelm!)

with Lisa McHargue

The Essential Google Tools To Improve Your STEAM Instruction (and make it easier on you, too!)

with Naomi Meredith

Google Slides Ramped Up: Create Active Learning Tools That Capture 100% Engagement (From Start to Finish!)

with Lauren Mobley

Podcasting: Using Real-Life Learning to Improve Listening Skills, Tech Knowledge, and Content Comprehension

with Kristin Montgomery

Digital Notes: How to Put Your Students In The Driver's Seat AND Reduce Paper Waste (While Still Giving Your Students What They Need)

with Julie Neves

Creating Tiny Adventures with Tests Using Google Forms

with Brittany Roberts

Interactive Notebooks: How To Use Google Slides to Create a Brand-New Notetaking System (And Help Your Students Succeed)

with Erika Romero

Google Command Centers: Your Best Kept Secret For All Your Go-To Tools At Your Fingertips

with Shannon Schoenebeck

The Purgefest: Create a Clean Slate in Your Google Drive So You Can Find What You Need (When You Need It)

with Dara Sklar

Do You YouTube, Bro? How to Create and Find The Most Engaging Videos For Your Students To Learn

with Tyler Tarver

Digital Glam: How To Make Your Digital Space as Pretty As Your Physical One with Free Online Tools

with Meghan Wells

Engagement Secrets: How to Keep Your Students Engage with Interaction & Innovation

with Dr. Melanie Wiscount

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PLUS we’ll have giveaways, prizes, and pajama parties… all designed to help you have FUN with teaching again (while you learn some really cool stuff that will help your school year not suck.)

As if those incredible presentations weren't enough, you will also get you access to 4 LIVE panels with our powerhouse speakers.

Culturally Responsive Teaching in the Digital Classroom Pajama Party

Speakers include Anna Hines, Dara Sklar, Brittany Roberts, Kristin Montgomery, Melanie Wiscount, and Jocelynn Hubbard

Student Engagement in the Digital Classroom Pajama Party

Speakers include Anna Hines, Brittany Roberts, Kristin Montgomery, Melanie Wiscount, Kelly Hogan, Melissa Martinez, Melinda Arnost, and Naomi Meredith

Working with Students with Specific Learning Needs in the Digital Classroom Pajama Party

Speakers include Brittany Roberts, Kristin Montgomery, Melanie Wiscount, Heather Cacioppo, and Lauren Mobley

Teacher Burn Out & Teacher Wellness Pajama Party

Speakers include Brittany Roberts, Kristin Montgomery, Dara Sklar, Melanie Wiscount, Brianne Beebe, Brittany Blackwell, Helena Hains, and Lisa McHargue

Hi, I’m Emily.

And yes, I’m a teacher. I’ve been teaching for 7 years… and nobody ever taught me how to teach online. (Yeah, THAT was fun, wasn’t it?!)

But I had a leg up on a lot of my coworkers… I. frickin. LOVE. technology.

So I knew that there were better ways to do the things that teachers have always done - and I started doing it in my own classroom, bit by bit. Learning as I went, figuring out new systems and processes.

And then I started showing my teacher friends. (They were… impressed, to say the least!)

That’s when I realized that teachers everywhere can benefit from what I already know: that technology isn’t going anywhere and it’s the language our students speak… so there’s no good reason to not use it everywhere we possibly can. ESPECIALLY if it makes our lives easier.

(and it does make your life easier. A LOT easier.)

That’s why I’ve put together this event - to help YOU understand the tools that are available right now to help you do more in less time so you can actually STOP working once in a while… and enjoy the life you’re living.

Whether you’ve been using technology for years or the boot-up sound of a computer freaks you out… I can help you create better for yourself.

It all starts with this free Design Your Digital Classroom Summit.

STOP Wasting Hours Managing Your Classroom When Technology Can Make Your Life Easier
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