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The Digital Classroom Power Pack is designed to give you additional support, resources, and tools that will help you create lessons that engage and excite your students while helping them feel truly seen!


And isn’t that what we all REALLY want? To create a classroom that students are excited to enter and giddy with anticipation about what you have planned next?


The Power Pack will help you get there.

What You’ll Get With The Digital Classroom Power Pack
Power Pack Ingredient #1

Unlimited Access to Event Recordings

Every expert session.

Every bonus training or livestream from the Facebook group.

All the expert panel pajama parties.

All buttoned up neatly in a vault, ready for you to access when you have the time to dedicate to them.

So if you’re super busy during the event, can’t focus, or simply want to reference the information later…

It’s there for you.

Power Pack Ingredient #2

Private Podcast Feed of All Event Recordings

Want to listen to sessions in the car? 

Want to listen while you do the dishes?

Want to listen while you prep your lessons for next week?

We have got you covered! 

Every presentation, pajama party, and masterclass in a convenient playlist for you to take anywhere and access any time!

Power Pack Ingredient #3

30 Days Free of Rebel Teacher Academy 

Rebel Teacher Academy is my signature membership program to help middle and high school teachers save TONS of time with technology and still have a highly engaging and exciting classroom. It features trainings, checklists, challenges, templates, and done-for-you lessons so that you can learn about the technology and start implementing it in your own classroom to save you time right away.

As a member of Digital Classroom Power Pack, you’ll get immediate access to a 30-day free trial! 

Power Pack Ingredient #4

Expert Bonuses

THIS is the biggie. This is the part of the Power Pack that is going to blow your mind.

Because all of our experts have contributed an ADDITIONAL resource to help you take your new classroom style to the next level.

(The other teachers in your school will be so jealous of you for this.)

Whether it’s additional training, downloadable resources, templates and examples you can swipe for your own use… each of these resources is going to be INVALUABLE when it comes to transforming your teaching life into something… well, you may not even recognize it by the time you’re done.

Here are all of the bonuses contributed by our speakers

Only Available in the Digital Classroom Power Pack!

  • Bonus 30-days FREE in the Rebel Teacher Academy ($15 Value) - because you want to start saving time in your classroom TODAY!

  • Making Your Life Easier with Google Forms ($40 Value) - because you want to make planning, assessment, and grading super easy with Google Forms! Learn the basics and more advanced skills to use with Google Forms to make assignments easy for students and even easier for you to grade! 
  • 1 month FREE of Sheet Load of Templates ($13 Value) - because creating engaging activities can be a challenge, but making them self-checking can be even more of a struggle. With Sheet Load of Templates all the guesswork is taken out and you have access to easy-to-edit self-checking activities your students will love!
  • Free Month of SEL Lessons ($17 Value) - because you know the value of Social & Emotional Learning in any classroom! Enjoy access to an amazing bank of done-for-you 10 minute social-emotional lessons on a wide range of topics. 
  • Build Your Teacher Productivity Hub Video Mini-Course ($10 Value) - because you want to save time and minimize clicks, the Build a Teacher Productivity Hub provides a video-based workshop to walk teachers through the process of setting up and publishing a Google Site Productivity Hub!
  • AI for Teachers E-Book: How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Streamline Classroom Tasks E-Book ($15 Value) - because you deserve a better system for managing your teaching tasks, grading papers, creating templates and more!  The AI For Teachers: How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Streamline Classroom Tasks E-Book provides step by step instructions, strategies and real world examples of how other teachers are making their classrooms easier to manage with artificial intelligence.
  • Experiential Learning: PBL Teacher Guide ($10 Value) - because utilizing PBL in your classroom shouldn't be difficult. You'll have everything to plan, design, create, delivery, assess, and evaluate a winning PBL project to teach students with experience while solving a real-world problem with application.
  • Plan Out Your Course Blueprint ($23 Value) - because you want to enjoy your time outside of school guilt-free. This time-saving blueprint (with templates) for planning your new (or old) course(s) during contract hours is your ticket to a stress free year.
  • Student-Led PBL Design Workbook ($6 Value) - because you want to guide students step-by-step through the process of designing personalized PBLs. The workbook follows a project-based learning framework with flexible pathways for student choice and voice built in.
  • Leaving Work on Time For Busy Teachers ($47 Value) - because you want to implement systems to consistently walk out the door on time. All the while having the next week fully prepped and ready to go!
  • A Beginner's Guide to Student Centered Learning ($15 Value) - because you want to implement a student-centered classroom that gets students excited and ready to learn!
  • Arab American Heritage Resource Guide ($9 Value) - because you want to learn and grow as an inclusive educator. This digital resource guide provides resources for educators on the history of Arab Americans, includes classroom activities and material for schools to utilize in recognition of Arab American Heritage month every April or year round.
  • Planning with the Engineering Design Process Mini Session & Templates ($30 Value) - because you want to plan a custom lesson for your students using the Engineering Design Process rooted in standards. Complete with lesson plans, planning templates and a private podcast to listen to the lessons on the go!
  • Self-Care Tool Kit for the Educator's Heart ($30 Value) - because you are tired of feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. Take control of your well-being with this free self-care tool designed with you in mind.
  • Thank You, Technology! Cheat Sheet for Effective Feedback ($2 Value) - because you want a way to make your feedback more effective. Or you might be curious about how easy-to-use tech tools can make your life simpler while enriching your assessments. Snag this cheat sheet and follow the flowchart!
  • Let's Get Started with Service Learning! ($5 Value) - because you want to get started with service learning but can't seem to figure out how. This resource includes a Slides presentation, brainstorming worksheet, and research starters for 8 service learning topics.

  • Take Home Resources & Links for Park Based Learning ($3 Value) - because you want the very best resources regarding park lands to use in your classroom to engage and excite your students!

  • Innovative Approaches to PBL: Balancing Creativity and Curriculum Alignment Workbook ($12 Value) - because you want to incorporate more creative approaches to your content while still fulfilling the requirements of your curriculum. 
  • 5E Instructional Model Guide and Course ($20 Value) - because you want to foster a student's thirst for knowledge and put them in the driver's seat. By the end of the course you will have the confidence to create your own 5E model unit where you become more of a coach and facilitator.
  • Four Corners Communicative Activity ($30 Value) - because you are sick of high disengagement and a ton of late work to grade. Spice up your class activities by using a four corners protocol and lessen your grading load. 
  • How to Differentiate Math Instruction With Google Masterclass ($12 Value) - because you want to support students who learn differently. This micro-course shares several ways to use products in the G Suite, while supporting every student. 
  • Sentence Stem Posters ($8 Value) - because you want to help your students write and talk with increasing proficiency. These posters made in Canva are editable and can be used in any classroom!
  • Ever Educating Consult Call ($29 Value) - because you could use 1:1 help with your lesson planning and activity designs.  Meet for a 40-minute Zoom call, where we will create a 'next step' plan to take your teaching to the next level

That's over $300 in expert bonuses ALONE...

You won't find these bonuses bundled together at this price anywhere else! 

Not to mention the unlimited access to the recordings ($497.00 value) and the private podcast feed ($297 value)

For a grand total of over $1,000 in value.

(Not to mention the absolutely priceless fact that your life just got a hell of a lot easier…)

But you’ll pay just a small fraction of that. (Math teachers, help me out with what fraction this is.)

Your Total Investment for the Digital Classroom Power Pack is just $52!

Is it worth skipping a trip to the dollar store just once to get the information that will change your life?

Is it worth a little bit of time and attention NOW to save you the headache, frustration, exhaustion, and overwhelm in the future?

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