STOP burning the candle at both ends just to keep up with the mountain of work it takes to keep your classroom running.


Break Free From The Shackles of Status Quo and Discover The Tools To Run Your Classroom withOUT Adding Stress, Time, and Energy to Your Day


The way things have always been done doesn’t work for us anymore. 

So we’re creating a better way to do things - 

and reaping all the benefits of “working smarter.”

It’s no secret something’s gotta give in the world of education.

We’re overworked, underappreciated, and let’s not even TALK about the paycheck.

Our lives are filled with paperwork and management and all kinds of CRAP that frankly… we didn’t sign up for.

And good, passionate teachers are sobbing as they leave the profession because they just can’t take it anymore.

How much is too much?

How much more can our plates handle before they crack under the weight of expectations?


The truth is… a lot.

Because we care. 


We care so hard about each and every one of our students that we’d willingly do it all over again just to help them succeed.

We’re here, doing what it takes to make it work… 

Because if not us, who?

But something’s gotta give.

Status quo isn’t working anymore.

We can’t keep doing things the way they’ve always been done and expect to get the same results.

The world is changing, and it’s high time we change with it.

It’s time we stop “getting with the program” and “hopping on board” and start creating our own best practices.


Are you with me?

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Introducing: The Rebel Teacher Academy

Your resource for shifting the way you do things… 

so you can get back to enjoying your life and profession again.

This is a monthly membership, designed to help you master new and innovative strategies to manage your classroom, reach your students, communicate with parents and keep administration happy.

Oh, and make your life easier, better, and a whole lot less stressful.

And since it was developed by a teacher… you know you’re gonna really, truly learn some stuff.

Here’s how it works:

Week #1

I’ll deliver you a video training. I’ll go through the tool or process step by step, showing you exactly what to do along the way. I’ll give you real-world examples, show you what it looks like from all sides, and walk you through setting it up for yourself.

You’ll learn it through watching.

Week #2

You’ll play around with it on your own. I’ll give you a guide, checklist, or something to help you practice what you’ve learned in a controlled environment… BUT you’ll be implementing it for YOURSELF.

(You with me here? Week 1 you watched, in week 2 you’re doing. Then, of course, comes…)

Week #3

Time for assessment - and this is where the community comes in. You’ll share your results with the community and get feedback…  and of course, I’ll be in there too. We’ll help you solve any problems you’re having, tweak your end result so it’s working properly the way you want, and help you feel confident that you’ve got the concept down pat.

Week #4

We’re going to keep the learning train going with extensions. This is more advanced stuff that will give you different applications, uses, and examples - or even a way you can make your different tools work TOGETHER to run smoothly in the background while you… you know, sleep?

And THEN I’ll hand you a resource pack for each month - more tools, examples, how-tos, checklists, and other supporting stuff - to help you use your newfound plan to make your life as good as possible.

Want a Real World Example?

Let’s pretend our theme for the month is back to school. You’ve got a lot of forms for parents to fill in… and when you’re not chasing down the students to bring back those pieces of paper, you’re trying to decipher handwriting to create your class spreadsheet.

Well, not with the way WE’RE doing things! Remember, we’re creating our new status quo.

So instead of a paper form sent home with students (that may or may not make it there, may or may not make it back, and CERTAINLY won’t show up in any kind of good condition)... that you’ll THEN have to type in word by word or figure out how to collect all the information…

We’re going to create a simple online form, have it automatically create a spreadsheet for your entire class, AND help you know when each one has come in so you can remind the appropriate students to nag their parents until it’s done.

I’ll show you how to do it, hand you a template to customize, and we’ll make sure it’s working for you before the first day of school is even a thought.

Plus I’ll show you how that simple form can be used for different things throughout the year - saving you time, stress, energy, and effort…

And taking your classroom management from a nightmare to a breeze.

The best part? 

There’s a new one every single month. A new tool, a new strategy, a new process…

All designed BY a teacher, FOR teachers.

Which means I know what needs to be done. I know that you don’t have a huge budget you’re working with (if any budget at all). I know the potential pitfalls and the needs. Because I’m right there with you, every single day.

This is not my full-time gig. This is not me being good with technology and figuring I could sell some stuff to teachers and make a good living.

This is me, in the trenches, knowing exactly how damn hard your job is. The only difference is I have the skills to help us ALL do better.

Because we deserve to rest now and then.

We deserve to have free time, guilt-free, to spend with our families.

We deserve to be energized by our work instead of overwhelmed by what’s still left to be done.

We deserve to pour ourselves into our students… instead of giving them what’s left over after we handle the rest of it.

We deserve to enjoy our profession.


Without worrying about the mountains of paperwork sitting on our desk.

Without stressing about what’s left to be done, what have I forgotten, what’s falling through the cracks.

Without having to pay through the nose for additional training, spend our weekends stuck behind a computer screen playing the catch-up game we’re all so familiar with.

And at just $7 per month… it will pay for itself in the first hour it saves you.

How Rebel Teachers Give Back

As much as we care about the kids in our class… we care about each other, too. And frankly, there are some teachers out there who just can’t afford the monthly or yearly investment. 


That’s why a portion of EVERY single paid membership in The Rebel Teacher Academy will support the Rebel Academy Scholarship program - offering lower-income teachers the opportunity to access this training at no cost.

Because passion doesn’t have an income requirement. And neither should the opportunity to work smarter and have an easier time of it.

YOUR Founding Rebel Membership will contribute 10% of the cost of a membership for a teacher who can’t afford the investment. And in the coming months, I’ll announce how those teachers will be selected. (Hint: it will be super fair.)

That’s pretty damn cool, right?

(Keep reading for something else pretty damn cool…)

Pay Just $7 Per Month As a Founding Rebel

The Rebel Teacher Academy is brand-spanking-new… which means this is your formal invitation to join as a Founding Rebel.

What does that mean?

You have the opportunity RIGHT NOW to get in for less than 50% of the “regular” membership price.

If you sign up for your first year right now - I will NOT charge you $180.00. Instead, you’ll pay just $84, which comes to $7 per month.

$7 for in-depth lessons that offer REAL solutions to REAL problems you face every single day.

$7 for templates, tools, tips, and all the other awesome T words that will make your life easier.

$7 to make technology unbelievably f#%&ing simple so you can speak the language your students speak AND reap the benefits that tech can offer you.

PLUS I will keep that pricing for you for as long as you’re a member.


Want in for a year and then you’ve got what you need? $7 per month.

Stick around 4 years? $7 per month.

With me for the lifetime of the membership? $7 per month.


This offer is ONLY good on this page, and ONLY good until the countdown timer below reaches zero. 

Because Founding Rebels don’t hesitate to create the change they want.

Founding Rebels don’t come along every day.

We see it, we want it, we get it.

And if that’s you… then you’ll be right at home.

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I know you’ve got ‘em… so here they are.

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