Meet Your Host

Hi! I'm Emily Eggers!

And yes, I’m a teacher. I’ve been teaching for 7 years… and nobody ever taught me how to teach online. (Yeah, THAT was fun, wasn’t it?!)

But I had a leg up on a lot of my coworkers… I. frickin. LOVE. technology.

So I knew that there were better ways to do the things that teachers have always done - and I started doing it in my own classroom, bit by bit. Learning as I went, figuring out new systems and processes.

And then I started showing my teacher friends. (They were… impressed, to say the least!)

That’s when I realized that teachers everywhere can benefit from what I already know: that technology isn’t going anywhere and it’s the language our students speak… so there’s no good reason to not use it everywhere we possibly can. ESPECIALLY if it makes our lives easier.

(and it does make your life easier. A LOT easier.)

That’s why I’ve put together this event - to help YOU understand the tools that are available right now to help you do more in less time so you can actually STOP working once in a while… and enjoy the life you’re living.

Whether you’ve been using technology for years or the boot-up sound of a computer freaks you out… I can help you create better for yourself.

It all starts with the free Design Your Digital Classroom Summit!

Meet Your Speakers

Melinda Arnost
Empowering Inclusion: Avoiding The Buzzword and Creating Your Unique, Truly Inclusive Space!

I will be sharing tips, tricks and much more to help create your unique space more inclusive! I discuss the common struggles with the new educational buzz word, “inclusion,” and how to make sure they do not happen in your own educational setting!

About Melinda

Melinda Arnost is a witty K-12 Intervention Specialist that is always thinking outside of the box. This curly-haired educator loves everything about teaching minus the paperwork and standardized tests. Melinda has her master’s degree in education, is a personal trainer for students with unique abilities and an autism guru. She has a passion for building relationships with her students and colleagues and can embrace inclusion in any type of setting. Melinda started an adaptive nonprofit ice skating program for individuals with unique abilities, runs marathons while pushing her pal, Annie, in a HOYT running chair and is a caricature artist. She believes people, regardless of their lack of ability, should feel included, supported and loved.

Nagham Abdel Baki
Exciting Their Sense of Adventure with Google Earth In Your Classroom

Google Earth is more than a free online mapping tool. It is a great tool to be used in the classroom and to take students all over the world. In this session, I will show you the basic features of Google Earth and will walk you through how to use Google Earth in various subjects like Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies.

About Nagham

I am Nagham Abdel Baki and I have been a Physics teacher and Science Head of Department for more than 13 years. I got my degree in Physics back in 2007. I am a Google certified educator, Microsoft Innovative Educator, and Adobe Creative Educator as well as an ambassador for Google Applied Digital Skills, Kahoot, and Mote. I am also a certified educator for several edtech apps such as Kami, Wakelet, Edpuzzle, Book Creator, and more.

I am an EdTech enthusiast who advocates for the integration of technology in instructional planning. I help teachers to incorporate technology in the teaching and learning processes and in effectively implementing strategies in ways that align with the curriculum.

I opened my Instagram account @techtasticeducator last year to encourage educators on using technology in their classrooms and to help them with tips and tricks.

Brianne Beebe
How Google Apps Saves You Time, Frustration, and Energy

Google makes everything easy, including saving time! Join me as I share tips for saving time with Google Drive, Classroom, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Gmail.

About Brianne

Brianne is a mom, wife, full-time high school math teacher, and business owner. As a teacher burnout survivor, Brianne equips secondary teachers with the tools they need to master their productivity so they can build freedom back into their lives.

Brittany Blackwell
From Burnout to Balance: Creating Systems to Simplify with Technology

Are you struggling to keep up with the demands of teaching? Is there always something on your growing list of to-dos? Are you trying to combat or avoid the dreaded teacher burnout? As a veteran teacher of over 11 years, Brittany has been in the trenches and battled burnout - personally, professionally, and everywhere in between. She is your designated and biggest cheerleader for teacher burnout recovery and is here to give you the 411 on how you can simplify your teacher to-dos with technology and digital systems. This presentation will begin with a fun way to determine your teacher burnout type and jump into systems you can start to simplify your teacher to-dos. Grab your favorite drink, and let's make a plan to beat burnout.

About Brittany

Brittany Blackwell, M.Ed. is an award-winning special educator and teacher resilience strategist from South Carolina with over ten years of experience working with elementary and middle school classrooms. Brittany is no stranger to teacher burnout and has a passion for empowering teachers, parents, and students to prioritize self-care and mental health. Brittany's digital approach to self-care through digital planning, vision boards, and strategies has reached the homes of thousands of educators across the world. Also known as "MsPrincessTeach" on Tiktok, Brittany's social media following grew through her fast-paced, lighthearted tutorials and humorous real life experiences. Brittany helps teachers create their own Individualized Self-Care Plan by providing sustainable strategies, handcrafted products, and digital resources to reduce stress, automate the mundane tasks of teaching, and prevent overall teacher burnout. Her approach gives support so that educators can maximize fulfillment and effectiveness in their personal and professional lives.

Stef Bowker
Not Another Old Powerpoint: Creating Engaging Slide Decks With Adobe + Google

Have you considered making your own graphics for your slide decks? Is it tough to find pre-made themes that you can use commercially in your products? If so then check out this presentation. Using Adobe Illustrator to create the graphics for your slide themes is a great option if you want to give your slides the wow factor. I'm will show you a few simple techniques how to get up and running really quickly with an Adobe Illustrator/Google Slides fusion.

About Stef

I bring a unique offering to the graphic design marketplace for educators. To cut a very long story short I have had many years of experience as both an educator of graphic design and as a practitioner. I have run a successful business since 1997 and over the years have worked on so many varied and interesting projects. Many have challenged me; some have forced me out of my comfort zone, and all have contributed to an enormous breadth of understanding and experience. I now offer that experience to you.

Steve Buch
Make This Sheet Look Easy: How to Teach (and learn!) Google Sheets... Even If Excel Stresses You Out

Google Sheets can be super intimidating for teachers who have no prior experience. All those numbers, formulas and cells are enough to make heads spin. But not yours, at least not anymore! By the end of this presentation you'll have an engaging, self-checking Google Sheets activity your students are sure to enjoy.

About Steve

Steve Buch’s self-checking games and activities excite students about learning while saving teachers valuable time on grading. Whether you’re seeking ready-made templates or looking to learn how to create resources of your own, Steve is all about sharing his passion for Google Sheets.

Steve is a proud father of two, doodle dad, 6th grade math teacher, tech nerd, avid snowboarder, fitness fanatic, hot wing connoisseur, and always seeking to learn more to level-up his teaching (or help you level up yours).

As the mastermind behind the Google Sheets course, Holy Sheet, and creator of the monthly template membership, Sheet Load of Templates, Steve is on a mission to get all students actively engaged in a digital world without the need for quick clicks.

Heather Cacioppo
Using Free Google Apps to Collect, Store, and Organize Your Data

Feeling overwhelmed with data collection? How do I track it all? Heather will walk you through step by step on how to set up a comprehensive digital data tracker for all your data needs!

About Heather

I have been a special education teacher in Illinois for 8 years! I’ve taught in self-contained classroom settings for middle school and high school students. I currently teach middle school! For certifications, I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization in Teacher Leadership. I am also a special education teacher mentor. I help self-contained special education teachers with individualized and personalized support to make self-assured educational decisions so that you can avoid the stress, overwhelm and burnout in this field. I believe special education teachers are better together!

Helena Hains
Welltech: How to Use Technology to Improve Your Students’ Wellness (AND Your Own!)

Want to integrate more technology into your day, but not sure how to do it in a way that empowers your students and yourself to prioritize your wellness? In this presentation I will walk you through technology that will not only empower your students to take better care of themselves, but other ways to integrate technology to uplift your energy throughout the day as well. Everything from building stronger relationships to bringing awareness and mindfulness throughout your day!

About Helena

Helena Hains, M.Ed, is a Teacher Wellness Coach who empowers to eliminate mental and emotional health inside and out of the classrooms. As an advocate for wellness for both educators and students, she believes educators need to take care of their wellness first, in order to make a greater impact in the classroom.

Anna Hines
Google Math: How You Can Use Google To Make Math Fun and Easy

In this presentation, I will take you through how I use Google Resources (sites, slides, sheets, etc) to run my math block. I will walk you through how I set up the different parts of my math block using the google resources and tools. While I am using Math as the basis for this information, this can easily apply to any subject area.

 About Anna

I am Anna Hines and I am a 6th Grade Teacher in an Upper Elementary setting in Northern VA! I have a passion for teaching Math and Social Studies! I love using Google Resources with my students to make engaging activities that the kids will remember and enjoy! In my free time I am also an avid reader and creator of teacher resources.

Kelly Hogan

Leveraging Your Own Free Google Site To Keep Your Students Engaged

In this workshop-style presentation, you will turn a worksheet or standard activity into a Google Site where your students can engage, interact, and reference custom resources. We'll talk about how to create differentiated options in a centralized hub for your students and you'll leave with draft of your Google Site!

About Kelly

Hey friends! I’m Kelly from @MathematicallyEnthused. I am a former classroom and Math Intervention teacher turned K-6 STEAM teacher and Google Certified Educator. I am enthused about making activities accessible, fun, and engaging for my students. My passion is to create opportunities that foster my students' abilities to make powerful connections and experience deep understanding from content to positive, real-life experiences.

Jocelynn Hubbard
The Student Edit: Put Away the Red Pen and Pull out the Highlighter!

This is not just for E/LA teachers. Grab your highlighter, any color, and let's get to it! In this session I will encourage you to think about the editing process in your classroom. You will learn about "the student edit" and how technology in the classroom or a digital classroom can allow a focus on highlighting and celebrating vs. elimination and deletion.

About Jocelynn

Jocelynn Hubbard helps teachers spark joy during the learning experience by creating an inclusive and welcoming classroom environment for ALL their students. She is the founder and managing director of Custom Teaching Solutions, LLC and host of The Culture-Centered Classroom podcast. She has 16+ years of experience in education as an educator, speaker, professional development creator and facilitator. Driven by a passion to see the diverse people of our world feel welcomed, affirmed, and celebrated, she provides training on becoming and remaining culturally competent. As a wife and mother of five, her goals include squeezing in time for exercise, finding moments of joy each day, and parenting each of her children as unique individuals.

Jocelynn received a B.S. in Education from Miami University (OH) and an MA in Education from The University of North Carolina – Pembroke. She also has a graduate certificate in Gifted & Talented instruction from The University of North Carolina – Charlotte.

Lisa McHargue
The Simple Habits To Tame Your Inbox (and Prevent The Email Overwhelm!)

Email can be overwhelming and frustrating. This session will show you simple changes and habits you can make to tame your inbox and keep it from stressing you out.

About Lisa

Lisa McHargue is a former high school Spanish teacher turned digital organizer. She's a minimalist living her best life binge-reading fiction and helping teachers and online business owners take control of their digital chaos and create systems to keep it organized. When she's not geeking out about organization or minimalism, she's probably hanging out with her family or pretending to be a contestant on The Great British Baking Show.

Naomi Meredith

The Essential Google Tools To Improve Your STEAM Instruction (and make it easier on you, too!)

About Naomi

Naomi Meredith is a former classroom teacher turned current K-5 STEM teacher. Her role not only includes teaching over 500 students in her school, but also leading professional development and co-teaching with teachers to help them integrate STEM & Technology. She also manages the school-wide tech tools to help them run efficiently. She loves inspiring her students further by hosting after school clubs and collaborating on district-wide STEM events.

With over a decade of experience along with a M.Ed. in STEM Leadership, she helps teachers in her school and world-wide to navigate best practices, strategies and tools out there. When Naomi isn't traveling or hanging out with her little pup, she's obsessed about researching and creating resources to help you navigate STEM & Tech in your classroom. Of course, with an added bit of style!

Whether you teach STEM as a specials class or a teacher who loves implementing innovative practices, Naomi is here to help! She truly believes that any teacher out there can learn how to use STEM & Technology in their classrooms effectively. She can’t wait to connect with you and be your guide!

Lauren Mobley

Google Slides Ramped Up: Create Active Learning Tools That Capture 100% Engagement (From Start to Finish!)

Google Slides are beneficial for providing direct instruction and sometimes guiding the flow of your class period. However, it's time to ramp up those already existing presentations into active learning tools that capture 100% engagement of your class from the start to finish of each lesson. In this session, you will learn how to integrate the Pear Deck extension with Google Slides and lead student sessions synchronously or asynchronously.

About Lauren

A self-proclaimed edtech and book nerd, Lauren Mobley serves students and teachers as the school library media specialist at North Clayton Middle School in College Park, Georgia. She earned her Ed.S in Instructional Technology from the University of West Georgia, her M.Ed in English Education from Valdosta State University, and her B.A in English Education from the University of Georgia. Before becoming a school librarian, she taught high school English Language Arts and Special Education.

Kristin Montgomery

Podcasting: Using Real-Life Learning to Improve Listening Skills, Tech Knowledge, and Content Comprehension

Podcasts are a great resource for any secondary subject and both digital or in-person classrooms! This presentation will discuss how to use podcasts to improve listening skills and learn content. You'll then learn how to have students create podcasts in the classroom in a simple and accessible way that emphasizes both language and tech skills. If you aren't already using podcasts, or you'd like some tips to make your podcasting go more smoothly, this is the session for you!

About Kristin

Hi, I'm Kristin! I've been a teacher for more than 15 years in a combination of public, private, and international schools. My ever-present wanderlust has taken me to teach in Spain, Switzerland, Singapore, and Colombia and sparked my passion for all things international. Over the years I've taught Spanish, French, Social Studies, ESL, and Marketing. I love using technology to motivate students and teach them life skills along with grade-level content.

Julie Neves 
Digital Notes: How to Put Your Students In The Driver's Seat AND Reduce Paper Waste (While Still Giving Your Students What They Need)

Want to put students more in the driver's seat and reduce paper waste in your classroom? Digital Notebooks are the answer! In this session, we will explore the options that exist in creating Google Slides Digital Notebooks. In less than 30 minutes, you will walk away with practical ideas that can be applied to any subject, templates, and time-saving hacks.

About Julie

I am a high school history teacher (and former Google employee) who LOVES working with Google Slides to create engaging and interactive learning experiences for my students. We were already a 1:1 Chromebook school before the pandemic, so I utilized Google Slides --and Google Classroom -- extensively to teach classes without relying on a textbook and tapping into the wealth of engaging information online. I also sell my digital resources to teachers worldwide. At most recent count, all 50 states and over 14 countries!

Brittany Roberts
Creating Tiny Adventures with Tests Using Google Forms

Let's face it; nobody likes tests. They stress students out, bore teachers to tears, and even admin hold their breath before seeing the results. But what if it didn't have to be that way? In my session, I'm going to show you how you can turn your tests into tiny adventures by gamifying your Google Forms.

About Brittany

Brittany’s a former teacher turned tutor, coach, and math content creator. Before she taught in a classroom, she spent years creating fun activities for kids at recreation centers and summer camps. Now? She’s sharing her flair for games with teachers through her blog, podcast, Instagram feed and TeachersPayTeachers store. She believes games can be a powerful tool for learning and socio-emotional growth, when students play with a purpose.

Erika Romero
Interactive Notebooks: How To Use Google Slides to Create a Brand-New Notetaking System (And Help Your Students Succeed)

Google Slides is a great tool for creating simple or complex interactive notebooks. And interactive notebooks can be used as both a teaching tool and an organizational note-taking system. In this presentation, I'll show you how to create an interactive notebook using Google Slides. I'll also provide ideas for how you can use this tool for different pedagogical and personal purposes.

About Erika

Erika Romero taught in-person and hyflex undergraduate courses for six years while earning her PhD in English. She also runs a blog and YouTube channel, called Ever Educating, where she shares teaching tips, tools, ideas, and resources. Recently, Erika started a new role as an instructional designer, which has given her new insights into creating engaging and interactive lessons and resources for students.

Shannon Schoenebeck
Google Command Centers: Your Best Kept Secret For All Your Go-To Tools At Your Fingertips

In this session, you will create your own time-saving digital classroom command center. This space will house your go-to resources, links, and tools in one simple place; no logins, forgotten passwords, or endless searching. Everything you use on a frequent basis is immediately organized and at your fingertips all year. Forget hectic mornings, and imagine opening your laptop and being ready with one simple click. I'll walk you step-by-step through creating your command center so you'll walk away with a completed Google site and ready to tackle the year!

About Shannon

Shannon Schoenebeck has over a decade of teaching experience and is passionate about helping teachers navigate classroom management in a healthy and positive way for themselves and their students. She puts her beliefs into action as a social-emotional learning coach and the executive director of the K-8 SEL program, Made to Be Me.

Dara Sklar
The Purgefest: Create a Clean Slate in Your Google Drive So You Can Find What You Need (When You Need It)

Google Drive files and folders out of control? And let's not even TALK about the mess in "Shared with me", right? 🤦‍♀️ Well - I'm here to shake my magic wand and grant you a clean slate with a little exercise called the Google Drive Purgefest. Your Drive with be a war-free zone, and we'll set you up for success for the next school year, too!

About Dara

Dara Sklar is a productivity expert who specializes in the Google Tools that you use every day, like Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Keep and more. She's that friend you call for tech help, like a tech-savvy Monica Geller, (but is a lot less demanding and shrill 😂).

Tyler Tarver
Do You YouTube, Bro? How to Create and Find The Most Engaging Videos For Your Students To Learn

We talking bout how to up your YouTube game! Whether you want to create and build a community around something you love, or how to find decent stuff for your students that will help them not turn into aluminum foil wearing crazies who believe everything they read on "Bob's Website." Let's learn how to make the most engaging videos you can to help your students learn in today's world!

About Tyler

Tyler Tarver, Ed.S. loves helping teachers. He has over 33 million views and 250k subscribers across YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. He is the founder and creator of a plethora of resources over at, has written 4 books (The Baller Teacher Playbook and 3 others that are meh), hosts multiple podcasts, has his superintendent certification, and is a doctoral candidate in educational leadership at Harding University. He's also a Google Innovator, Google Certified Trainer, Apple Distinguished Educator, Apple Certified Foundations Trainer, and was on the Google Forms Expert Team. He has been a teacher, principal, director, dean, and fake Assistant Superintendent. He is probably not a horcrux.

Meghan Wells
Digital Glam: How To Make Your Digital Space as Pretty As Your Physical One with Free Online Tools

I'm going to give you practical easy ways to glam up your digital space using available free resources like Canva and Slidesmania. We are going to look at color combinations, font pairings, and pretty up that Canvas, Schoology, or Google Classroom.

About Meghan

Meghan Wells is an academic coach in the DFW Texas area. As an ELA teacher for the last 15 years, the last 9 in high school, Meghan has learned from pandemic teaching and wants to make teacher's jobs easier in both their virtual space and their physical one while still engaging young learners.

Inspired by her 11 year old son, she has coached First Lego League, high school Esports, and continues to cultivate the (non ELA) interests of her young engineer. When she is not geeking out on edu or ed tech, you can find her reading a book, watching hours of home improvement shows, listening to true crime podcasts, or what she likes to call “serial crafting”.

Dr. Melanie Wiscount
Engagement Secrets: How to Keep Your Students Engaged with Interaction & Innovation

Learn how to create interactive student learning activities using the innovation of Google. These tips, techniques, and tricks work for all grade levels!

About Melanie

With 19 years' experience in K-12 education as a middle school and high school Computer Science educator, as well as 15 years' experience as an EdTech Instructional Coach, Melanie Wiscount makes it her priority to find ways for teachers to enthusiastically engage students every day in their classrooms. Follow @EdTechenergy on social media and stop by for teacher freebies and learning opportunities that will make the best engagement improvement in your classroom.