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The Digital Classroom Power Pack is designed to give you additional support, resources, and tools that will help you work less, accomplish more, and have more energy and attention to give your students.


And isn’t that what we all REALLY want? To spend less time dealing with the hassles that teaching has become and get back to what we’re passionate about - the kids?


The Power Pack will help you get there.

What You’ll Get With The Digital Classroom Power Pack
Power Pack Ingredient #1

Unlimited Access to Event Recordings

Every expert session.

Every bonus training or livestream from the Facebook group.

All the expert panel pajama parties.

All buttoned up neatly in a vault, ready for you to access when you have the time to dedicate to them.

So if you’re super busy during the event, can’t focus, or simply want to reference the information later…

It’s there for you.

Power Pack Ingredient #2

Expert Bonuses

THIS is the biggie. This is the part of the Power Pack that is going to blow your mind.

Because all of our experts have contributed an ADDITIONAL resource to help you take your new classroom style to the next level.

(The other teachers in your school will be so jealous of you for this.)

Whether it’s additional training, downloadable resources, templates and examples you can swipe for your own use… each of these resources is going to be INVALUABLE when it comes to transforming your teaching life into something… well, you may not even recognize it by the time you’re done.

So long, status quo… and hello future you!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Reach, Rigor and Relationships With Games ($4.99 Value) - because you want to improve your relationships with your students... and the best way to do that is through purposeful play! With tons of games and digital activities, you'll never be without an idea again!
  • Goodbye Digi-Clutter Workshop ($97.00 Value) - because you're not the only one wondering how the heck you're going to organize all of this! You'll discover how to purge and tame your digital clutter... AND how to keep it from creeping back in.
  • Digital Teaching Journal($12.99 Value) - because we all need to organize our teaching lives, and this customizable notebook means you'll get exactly what you need.
  • The Google Form Visual Guide ($10.00 Value) - so you can follow this step-by-step tutorial on exactly which steps to take to set up your data collection forms (with this, you’ll be up and running in no time)...
  • Kickstart Your Culturally Responsive Classroom ($27.00 Value) - when you know it's essential to be culturally responsive in the classroom, these strategies will give you a running start...
  • Spanish Flu vs. COVID 19 Digital Notebook ($4.00 Value) - to help your students understand the real-life comparisons between the 1918 Spanish Flu and the 2020 COVID outbreak. All in a handy digital notebook!
  • Teach With a Podcast Worksheet Bundle ($5.99 Value) - because the best way to teach something is to have them teach it to us, your students will be able to follow these worksheets to research, plan, and create their own podcast... making them masters of the content!
  • Tame Your Inbox Discount ($7.00 Value!) - Save 15% on the Tame Your Inbox Course so you get the step-by-step on getting your emails under control once and for all!
  • Canva Templates ($8.00 Value) - so your digital space is decorated with YOUR personality and YOUR custom creations. You'll be able to decorate Google Classroom, Google Meet, Zoom, Canvas AND Schoology with these "get started fast" templates!
  • Create your own ENGAGING Instructional Videos 5-Day Boot Camp! ($99.00 Value) - research has proven that students learn best from their own teachers than others in videos... so why not plan, design, and record engaging instructional videos for your students customized to your lesson plan?! This will show you how.
  • The Empowering Inclusion Toolbox ($10.00 Value) - because we know inclusive teaching is the key to successful students… and now you’ll get tools you need to help you make that happen (withOUT creating them from scratch)...
  • Getting To Know Google: The Bundle ($28.00 Value) - because we're not the only ones who need to elarn how to use Google Drive! This bundle will help your students understand and become comfortable with this tech... so you can use it in everything you want!
  • SEL Made to be Me 1-Month FREE ($16.00 Value) - when you want to teach the critical social-emotional skills your students need... but only have an extra 10-minutes in your day!
  • Illustrator Mini Course ($29.00 Value) - to help you uplevel your Google Slides presentations with custom-made graphics in Adobe Illustrator. STOP struggling to find the right graphic to complement your slides... make it yourself!
  • Sheet Load of Templates 1-Month FREE ($13.00 Value) - unique, ready-made Google Sheets templates designed specifically for educators who are ready to step away from pixel art and image reveals!
  • PopPD Discount ($10.00 Value) - so you can pick a professional development class that suits you AND get $10.00 off at the same time. Get access to a wide variety of methodologies from across the globe so you can be more effective in the classroom!
  • TarverAcademy Honor Roll FULL YEAR ($92.00 Value ) - because when you want templates, training, notebooks, lesson plans, activities and resources to help you with everything from classroom management to student engagement... You want the Honor Roll!

That's over $480 in expert bonuses ALONE...

Not to mention the unlimited access to the recordings ($497.00 value) 

For a grand total of almost $1,000 in value.

(Not to mention the absolutely priceless fact that your life just got a hell of a lot easier…)

But you’ll pay just a small fraction of that. (Math teachers, help me out with what fraction this is.)

Your Total Investment for the Digital Classroom Power Pack is just $52.

Is it worth skipping a trip to the dollar store just once to get the information that will change your life?

Is it worth a little bit of time and attention NOW to save you the headache, frustration, exhaustion, and overwhelm in the future?

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