Get excited because this lineup is incredible! Below you'll find the summit schedule and access links.

Presentations will all be released at 7am CST each day and available for 24 hours.

Sunday, August 7 

Monday, August 8

  • 1 pm CST - LIVE Summit Action Planning with Emily Eggers
  • Using Free Google Apps to Collect, Store, and Organize Your Data with Heather Cacioppo
  • Engagement Secrets: How to Keep Your Students Engaged with Interaction & Innovation with Dr. Melanie Wiscount
  • Google Command Centers: Your Best Kept Secret For All Your Go-To Tools At Your Fingertips with Shannon Schoenebeck
  • Do You YouTube, Bro? How to Create and Find The Most Engaging Videos For Your Students To Learn with Tyler Tarver
  • The Purgefest: Create a Clean Slate in Your Google Drive So You Can Find What You Need (When You Need It) with Dara Sklar
  • 7 pm CST - LIVE Culturally Responsive Teaching in the Digital Classroom Pajama Party

Tuesday, August 9

Wednesday, August 10

Thursday, August 11

  • 1 pm CST - LIVE Hot Seat and Feedback Workshop with Emily Eggers
  • From Burnout to Balance: Creating Systems to Simplify with Technology with Brittany Blackwell
  • Podcasting: Using Real-Life Learning to Improve Listening Skills, Tech Knowledge, and Content Comprehension with Kristin Montgomery
  • Ramp Up Class Engagement with Google Slides + Pear Deck with Lauren Mobley
  • Not Another Old Powerpoint: Creating Engaging Slide Decks With Adobe + Google with Stephane Bowker
  • Presentation with Tal Hoover
  • 7 pm CST - LIVE Teacher Burn Out & Teacher Wellness Pajama Party

Friday, August 12

  • 1 pm CST - LIVE Extending Our Learning Workshop with Emily Eggers
  • Google Math: How You Can Use Google To Make Math Fun and Easy with Anna Hines
  • The Essential Google Tools To Improve Your STEAM Instruction (and make it easier on you, too!) with Naomi Meredith
  • The Student Edit: Put Away the Red Pen and Pull out the Highlighter! with Jocelynn Hubbard
  • Interactive Notebooks: How To Use Google Slides to Create a Brand-New Notetaking System (And Help Your Students Succeed) with Erika Romero
  • Digital Glam: How To Make Your Digital Space as Pretty As Your Physical One with Free Online Toolswith Meghan Wells
  • 7 pm CST - LIVE Closing Call with Emily Eggers