Take a Course

3 Tried and True Ways to Build Relationships in the Online Classroom

classroom management mindset online education online learning teacher life tech tips Jan 12, 2021

1. Be yourself!

Students can see right through any sort of act you put on to try to be cool, so just drop it. ⁣

They may actually like you more because you are being yourself! I know mine do. ⁣

So, BE YOU! Even if you don't know the slang, the games, the apps, just ask, and be you!⁣

 2. Get Personal

Not only should you be learning about students, but they should also be learning about you. 

There is this old myth that teachers shouldn't reveal too much about themselves because then students won't listen to them or believe in their authority. 

That is CRAP! (Sorry, I get passionate about this stuff!)

My students and I form bonds and connect over the things we have in common and those relationships with students have been essential to my success as their teacher and their success as students. 

I have been vulnerable with them, I've cried in front of them (not on purpose), and they know my whole family. 

It is time that students really see us as people and connect with us as humans. 

3. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

Whether it is communicating with the students in class, emailing their parents after class, or sending out a newsletter, this kind of communication makes it so much easier to connect with students!

I highly recommend sending home emails about good things that happen as well as misbehavior. 

And be sure to keep parents in the loop about missing or late assignments, cause we all know they aren't able to check the grade book all of the time. 

My favorite way to keep families in the loop and keep lines of communication open is to email home each week with an update about what is going on in our class. 

If all this communication seems daunting, I get it. We deal with a lot of email as teachers! 

To make it a little easier for you, I created the totally FREE Simple Online Teacher Email Swipe Files! Check it out!

Bonus: Show off your furry friends!

One awesome way to engage students and get them paying attention during Zoom class is to show your adorable pets! ⁣

My dogs seem to make an appearance every day and my students love it! They are always asking what they are up to, and it's funny because my dogs are always sleeping on the couch next to me! 😜⁣

We also have fun showing off the students' pets too! I even had a student hold their fishbowl to their camera so we could all see their pet!⁣