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10 Apps for Teachers who are Broke as a Joke!

Get the 10 best apps that I use in my classroom all of the time so you can get started with using tech in your classroom and know exactly what to use and when to use it!

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Effortless Outreach: Email Swipe Files

Emailing families and students doesn't need to be overly complicated and shouldn't incite fear whenever you sit down to do it. With Effortless Outreach, you'll get excited to email home and find ways to do it more often!

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New Year, New Me: Teacher Edition Workbook

This workbook helps you take a look at your personal work/life balance and make goals to help you live your best life

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Student Choice Board Template!

Bring in an element of choice and engagement to your lessons and watch students get excited about learning again! This template is a completely editable template that you can update and use tomorrow in your classroom! 

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The Teaching from the Couch Podcast!

The very best I have to offer when it comes to creating the classroom of your dreams! And tons of guest experts sharing their knowledge too, all in one place!

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The Teaching from the Couch Blog!

Get practical tips and advice on using technology in your own classroom to create amazing lessons and save you time!

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Courses & Training

Rebel Teacher Academy

Rebel Teacher Academy is a monthly membership for middle and high school educators. Each month you get trainings, resources, templates, and done-for-you lessons to help you utilize technology in your classroom to save you time and create amazing lessons!

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