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Self-Care for teachers who hate self-care

Self-Care for Teachers who are sick of Hearing about Self-Care

Apr 06, 2021

To learn more about teacher self-care, check out my 10 Ways to Fight Educator Burnout post here!

Self-care is one of those new buzzwords in education and if you are anything like me, you are absolutely sick to death of hearing about it. At PD they take you through a mindfulness video or guided meditation as a great way to do self-care for teachers. They preach the benefits of exercise as teacher self-care. 

I remember sitting in a PLC meeting listening to this wanting to cry because I knew I wasn’t taking care of myself. I was burnt out for sure. But everyone else’s versions of self-care sounded terrible to me. I thought there was something wrong with me like somehow self-care wasn’t for me. 

In reality, self-care really is for everybody, but I think people were giving us a limited view of what self-care looks like. I was listening to a podcast and Alissa McDonald, who is now a good friend of mine, was talking about how her self-care is her work and that that was okay. 

I have to say that I felt seen!

Self Care is not about relaxing or any of the woo-woo stuff (but if that is your jam, then more power to you!) It is about feeling energized and good about yourself. If that means you take time to meditate and focus on yourself, awesome! But for me, I get energized and excited when I am working and creating amazing lessons or cool presentations or fun worksheets. 

I am here to tell you (in case you haven’t heard it recently) that you are amazing and wonderful and however you choose to practice self-care is up to you! 

Self-care is not meant to be about shaming people into working out or journaling or meditating. The whole point is to do what makes you happy rather than what has to be done. And if those things line up for you, then hey, that's a bonus! 

If you are still struggling with self-care I would encourage you to check out my Tame Your Teacher Tasks eBook. It takes you through a quick and easy process for getting your teacher stuff in order so you can have time for doing the things that bring you joy and makes you happy. 


If you are someone who feels completely burnt out, I would encourage you to take a look at the Online Teacher Sanity Saver. Not only does it help you get things in order, but it also gives you motivation, music, and a myriad of self-care options to try out!