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The Importance of Checking In with Students!

edtech google online education online learning tech tips Dec 12, 2020

When students are in our classrooms, we see their faces, their smiles, their tears. We can read their body language and most of us can instantly tell when something is up. 

That isn't happening much anymore, is it?

We can't look at a black screen and see how they are doing. Are they overwhelmed? Did they eat breakfast? Were they up all night helping their baby brother? Did they wake up early to walk to the library to use their computer for class?

Our students are dealing with so much, and we all know it. This is something that was discussed in all educational spaces before Covid and we are still discussing the equity issues that come with distance learning. 

But while we work to remedy the inequities, we can't forget the tiny humans we have. 

That is why checking in is so important. Give students a space to talk to you in private, or as a whole group. It all depends on the comfort of the class. 

If your class is super tightknit and open, I would recommend doing a whole group circle to talk about how everyone is doing. It could be a quick round at the beginning of every class, or a weekly circle that takes the whole period. 

If you are thinking a more private check-in is more appropriate, I would recommend a Google Form like the ones I sell here. Google Forms are so great because they are so quick and easy! In my class, students do the check-in every day and they are worth 1 point. This way, if a student misses a couple, it doesn't really affect their grade, but if they never do it, then their grade starts to suffer. 

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What do you do in your online classroom to check-in on students and their mental health?